PERMATEX® #51 Pipe Joint Compound 16 oz. bottle

PERMATEX® #51 Pipe Joint Compound 16 oz. bottle is available to buy in increments of 12
Permatex Pipe Joint Compound is a black, viscous,brushable liquid sealant and lubricant designed to help assemble and seal threaded joints on water, steam, oil and fuel lines. S.I.N:834-300
Product Warning:  Cannot be sold in California due to Proposition 65 , which prohibits the sale of certain materials that may be harmful to environment and health.

  • Non-hardening for easy disassembly
  • Works to 400° F (204° C)
  • Sealing pressures to 5000 psi (100 psi steam)
  • Outperforms teflon tape and does not shred
  • No measuring or mixing
  • Prevents galling and corrosion


    Threaded pipe

     Pipe Fittings


   Physical Properties:

       Chemical Type:                                            Polymerized vegetable oil

       Appearance:                                                 Black viscous liquid

       Odor:                                                             Alcoholic

      Specific Gravity:                                             1.28

      Viscosity:                                                        Flow similar to mustard

      Flash Point TCC, ° F:                                       76

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