Special Effects and Scenic Design

Platinum-cured silicone rubbers have become the industry standard for making state-of-the-art theatrical prosthetic appliances for use in film, theater, and television.

These skin-safe silicones are used for making creatures, age make-up, injured or deformed actors, animatronic characters, and much more. Platinum silicone resins are very versatile given that they can be mixed with a “deadener” to reduce the snappy, synthetic feel of silicone and simulate any type of tissue. With all of their available additives, these products can be controlled by the artist to meet the needs of any prosthetic application.

Silicone resins are also widely used for life-casting and mold making.

Chemical Concepts offers a variety of platinum silicone compounds and related products from top brands such as Polytek, CHT USA, and Shin-Etsu Silicones.

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