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Chemical Concepts is the leading supplier of adhesives, tapes, sealants and application tools for manufacturers in all kinds of industries. We have a wide range of structural adhesive products that can seamlessly meld into any of your manufacturing processes.

These products can even replace more traditional fastening, joining and bonding techniques like riveting and welding. This saves your business time and money, increasing efficiency and lessening materials and labor costs.

Chemical Concepts also features Chem-Set™, our own line of adhesives, tapes, silicone, contact adhesives and underwater adhesives that are custom manufactured and produced for specific industry needs.
Benefits of Adhesive for Manufacturing

Strong Bonds and Seals – Adhesives create durable bonds that weather all conditions and forces.
Lightweighting – Bonds created from structural adhesives are generally stronger than traditional joining methods allowing you to use thinner, lighter materials for a lighter end product.
Cost Savings – Save money on materials, time and specialized labor.
Efficiency – Eliminate the need for most prep steps, and with fast cure times, adhesives will speed up your manufacturing.

If you have any special needs or questions, we’d be happy to chat about your application and recommend the best products for your process. Get in touch!

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