Chemical Concepts offers a number of solutions for architectural cladding, wall panel hanging (interior and exterior), rainscreens, and facades. Our product offerings include facade anchors, structural adhesives, sealants, and high bond tapes, which can be used on various types of panel materials.

Featured Cladding and Facade Products

Keep-Nut Anchoring System for Solid Materials – A simple, small cylindrical hole anchor requiring no specialized undercut with a female thread. When used with panel hanging systems this anchor exhibits extremely high strength with a simple drilling process and requires no need for adhesives.

Deform-Nut TC/DM Honeycomb Anchors – A rivet-type female anchor made specifically for honeycomb panels/sandwich panels to create a load-bearing female anchoring point in your panels. Simply rivet your Deform-Nut fastener into the panel, inject a structural adhesive into the fastener, then thread the secondary screw into the Deform-Nut to create a structural fixing point in a hollow-core panel.

Structural Adhesives – Chemical Concepts supplies a number of structural two-part adhesives to improve aesthetics, increase throughput, and provide overall cost savings. Structural adhesives provide a stronger, faster-curing alternative to adhesives typically used in the architectural cladding industry.

High Bond Structural Tapes – High-bond tapes are used as an alternative to mechanical fastening and liquid adhesives for wall coverings and facades. Tapes play an important role in bonding materials that aim for a “clean,” aesthetically pleasing appearance, especially when compared to mechanical fasteners. Tapes are commonly used to permanently bond aluminum composite, HPL, and/or metal panels.

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