Trucking Industry Silicone and Adhesive Needs Handled by Chemical Concepts

Companies who depend on high-quality products to support adhesive and silicone needs in the transportation industry trust the product selections available at Chemical Concepts.

In this post, we spotlight a few products that are a perfect fit for various trucking industry needs. Continue reading

Neutral Cure Silicones for Sensitive Surface Needs

A neutral cure silicone is a sealant which releases alcohol or another non-acidic substance while curing. Unlike an acetoxy silicone, a neutral cure silicone sealant is virtually odor-free. Because it does not release acid while curing, neutral cure silicones are popular choices for sealants for sensitive surfaces.

Also note: Neutral cure takes up 3 times longer to set, but has an overall higher grip, non-slump and high modulus rubber with long-term flexibility and durability. Materials will have an excellent resistance to weathering and ultraviolet rays.

Let’s take a look at a few of the neutral cure silicones carried by Chemical Concepts. Continue reading

Install the CounterPlate Plus Bracket in Just a Few Simple Steps

CounterPlatePlus Bracket For all of the benefits that our commercial customers enjoy when using our popular CounterBalance brackets, you might think that the innovative plates require a complicated installation. Actually, installing our CounterBalance brackets isn’t nearly as challenging as you might think. When our team designed these brackets, they achieved a balance of offering superior countertop support with simplified installation.

Let’s focus in on the six installation steps necessary with the CounterPlate Plus bracket. The CounterPlate Plus is designed to attach to half walls or pony walls, supporting overhangs on “breakfast bar” style countertops. This ”L” shaped bracket ties in to the vertical wall studs for improved strength and stability. Continue reading

Custom Hardscape Products Made Possible from Polytek Liquid Rubber Molds

polytek mold Landscaping designers love the flexibility of custom creations for hardscape (the man-made features used in landscape architecture). Our customers are loving the creative options available to them from the use of Polytek liquid rubbers for molds to create custom hardscape products that meet specific wants and needs of high-end landscaping companies.

By creating custom molds, concrete can be poured into the rubber molds to create pavers, stepping stones, patio stones, rock face liners, fire pits, retaining wall block, pier and wall caps and more. Durability and longevity of investment are key with these products, as these two-part, room temperature curing systems provide a flexible mold solution that can be used to cast hundreds of parts in the mold’s lifetime.

Let’s take a look at a few of the liquid mold recommendations from Polytek for hardscape product creation. Continue reading

Bostik Adhesives Make Working With Metal Frames a Breeze

Bostik is one of the largest adhesive and sealant companies, their technology based materials cover a wide range of industrial markets. In this post, we’ve picked two high-quality Bostik adhesives that serve diverse industry and applications. Both have differing qualities, but are equally useful in working with metal frames. Continue reading

SCIGRIP Spotlight on Three High-Strength Adhesive Products

SCIGRIP (formerly known as WeldOn) brings nearly seven decades of experience in delivering smart adhesive solutions for use with bonding metals, composites and plastics. Chemical Concepts is proud to carry SCIGRIP high-strength adhesives, as well as vinyl, PVC, and CPVC substrates, along with many other related products. In this post, we would like to introduce three of the popular high-strength adhesive products. Continue reading

Molding and Millwork Made Easy with Trimgrip

Summer is in full swing and it’s finally time to get those decorative projects finished. No matter how big or small the job, contractors are looking for an economical way to add beauty to the outside using materials that are minimal maintenance, easy to install, and cost-effective. Trimgrip is a bonding system that is beautiful and durable, and is a fantastic alternative to bonding Azek™,Koma™ and Fypon™ products. Trimgrip is one of the best PVC trim mounting adhesives available. Continue reading

Conathane Products Offer Significant Advancement in Coatings and Compounds for Electronics Industry

Advancements in the electronics industry call for more potting/encapsulation systems that have the proper blend of stability, flexibility, and chemical resistance.

Chemical Concepts is now a proud distributor of Conathane products from Elantas PDG (who recently acquired Cytec Solvay Group).

As the electronics industry adopts surface mounting technologies and lead-free solder chemistries, rigid insulating potting/encapsulation systems are resulting in fracturing on circuit components and fatigue failure. Conathane® polyurethane potting products offer the perfect insulation solution in optimizing flexibility with structural stability and chemical resistance. Continue reading

Seeing Is Believing – New Videos Showing Off the Strength of Our Polyolefin Bonder with King StarBoard

If you’re looking for a standard adhesive to work with the popular King StarBoard®, you’re probably frustrated by now. Old posts on online forums offer you little hope except to bust out the metal screws or develop an unlikely contraption.

Thankfully, Chemical Concepts offers a tough and proven solution to this problem – Chem-Set 6105 is your answer for an adhesive to use with King StarBoard and other HDPE’s (high density polyethelene).

If seeing is believing, we urge you to take a look at these three videos showing the strength and staying power of Chem-Set 6105 on King StarBoard. Andrew, one of our adhesive specialists, shows no mercy in testing the strength of Chem-Set 6105 as an adhesive. Continue reading

Underwater Pool Patch Materials That Every Smart Pool Manager Keeps on Hand for Inevitable Liner Tears

Summertime is in full swing and the crews are out and about repairing pools (public pools, hotel pools, camps, waterparks, and above ground pools). There are those who buy pop up pools that are all vinyl. Sometimes small rips and tears can happen to pool liners on above ground pools and to vinyl inner tubes.

That’s when the wise pool manager already has pool patch products from Chemical Concepts already in stock. These high-quality pool patch options:

  • are easy to adhere underwater (just peel and stick!)
  • have no messy solvents to deal with.
  • are made of high quality materials, meaning you’ll be left with a permanent, clean, non-yellowing, professional-strength patch that will fix the liner’s hole or tear

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