Adhesive Dispensing Guns: How Do You Choose the Right One for a Project?

Here at Chemical Concepts, we spend a lot of time talking and learning about adhesives. What about the application methods? Dispensing guns are the quickest and easiest method of applying adhesives. But there are so many different sizes and styles of dispensing guns available on the market; how do you know which one is right for your project?

When choosing the right dispense gun it must meet the various needs and address the specifications of the materials used in a project. You must also match it with the different ratios, and sizes of the cartridges. Dispense guns are an excellent choice due to the benefits of being lightweight and durable.  Mixing is precise, making these guns quick and an excellent choice for the budget conscious. Continue reading

Product in Action: Island Support Brackets

One of our favorite things at Chemical Concepts is seeing our products being utilized in a professional setting. That’s why we got so excited when we went to see Troy Granite’s showroom in Newark, DE, and saw our very own support brackets in action!

Troy Granite is a Newark, DE-based company with locations in Pittsburgh and Harrisburg as well. They specialize in custom stone countertop work, and their results are always beautiful. We are proud to supply them with the countertop support brackets that they need to deliver their quality results in every project. Check out their web site here and see what Troy Granite can do for your home! Continue reading

Pioneering in Cyanoacrylates: What’s New

cyanoacrylates At Chemical Concepts, we are proud to offer cutting-edge adhesive technology from a wide variety of manufacturers. Most recently, advances in cyanoacrylate technologies from Permabond, Pacer, Adhesive Systems, and Devcon are taking center stage for their new, more versatile applications.

Cyanoacrylates are a type of one-component adhesive designed for projects in which a quick, strong cure are necessary. Coincidentally, this type of adhesive was actually discovered by accident when parts containing it could not be separated. The “crazy” strength in this type of adhesive earned it the name “crazy glue” or “super glue”. Continue reading

How are UV Adhesives Different?

uv adhesives When it comes to industrial adhesives, it can be tough to know which one is best for your project. There are seemingly endless varieties from which you can choose; fortunately, at Chemical Concepts we are knowledgeable of them all! Today, we want to focus on a special type of adhesive designed for maximum strength and durability: UV adhesives.

UV adhesives are a specialty adhesive designed for a rapid cure and extremely strong bond. UV adhesives are perfect for a wide range of industries, such as optical devices, medical equipment, automotive, printed circuit boards, and stone repair. They’re also great for a variety of surfaces, including:

  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Ceramic
  • Wood
  • Electronics
  • Stone

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Keep-Nut Precision Drilling Machine: How it Works

keep-nut-drill We recently posted a blog spotlighting our revolutionary Keep-Nut Anchoring System, but we wanted to dive even deeper into the system and showcase the accessories we carry, particularly the Keep-Nut Precision Drilling Machine.

The Keep-Nut Anchoring System is a press-in insert used to create a threaded seat on panels of marble, granite, or other stone materials, as well as panels of carbon, glass, or other composite materials. However, in order for the Keep-Nut anchor to be placed, there must first be a hole in the surface. How does one cut a perfect hole in a piece of dense stone? The answer: The Keep-Nut Precision Drilling Machine! Continue reading

Manufacturer Spotlight: Dry-Treat

dry-treat logo This week, we wanted to spotlight one of the brands that we stock here at Chemical Concepts. Dry-Treat supplies a range of impregnating sealers and enhancers that protect natural stone, paving, bricks, tiles, engineered concrete, and grout from the elements, surface staining, and water penetration damage.

The secret to Dry-Treat’s overwhelming success is the patented penetrating sealer molecules that are hundreds of times smaller than their competitors’, allowing the sealer to penetrate much deeper into the pore structure. With deeper penetration, the sealer creates a more substantial oil- and water-repellent barrier across a broader range of surfaces. Continue reading

Structural Adhesive Bonding in the Automotive, Aerospace, and Construction Industries

At Chemical Concepts, we love hearing about how our products are being used in the working world. Polaris released a video detailing their process of their powersports lines using LORD structural adhesive technology, which we consistently stock. In their video, Polaris details the benefits of structural adhesive bonding over traditional bonding techniques across a wide range of fields and applications.

Structural adhesive bonding techniques have surpassed traditional bonding methods for four simple reasons:

  • Stronger than welding
  • Ability to bond dissimilar materials
  • Lightweight
  • Allows flexibility on materials used

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Expo Wrap-Up: Chemical Concepts at CAMX

camx tradeshow booth Chemical Concepts was extremely honored to participate in CAMX this October 15-18 in Dallas, TX! CAMX is the Composites and Advanced Materials Exposition, and this year it co-located with the Industrial Fabrics Association for the very first time.

CAMX was created by ACMA and SAMPE 5 years ago as an all-encompassing event to “connect and advance all aspects of the world’s composites and advanced materials communities”.  CAMX brings together manufacturers and designers for a huge variety of materials applications, including:

  • Transportation
  • Aerospace
  • Marine
  • Wind energy
  • Software
  • Construction and infrastructure
  • Medical
  • Academics
  • Sports and leisure

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Synthetic Turf Rapid Repair: Product Spotlight

Turf-Set Rapid Repair Kit

Football season is in full swing! What can beat the roar of the crowds, and excitement of the game? It’s a grueling sport and the field takes a beating. Fields must stand up to the pressures of a game, so the benefit of turf needs to keep athletes safe by reducing injuries. When the field gets torn or ripped, there is a possibility of injury to players. So, what can be done? Call upon Chemical Concepts’ Turf-Set Rapid Repair Kit, of course!

The Turf-Set Rapid Repair Kit is designed for quick touch-ups or temporary holding until permanent adjustments can be made. It includes: Continue reading

Halloween is Creeping Closer: The Products Behind the Masks


SES22230-45 Tough Skin

Halloween is just a few weeks away! Have you ever been to a haunted house or seen a scary movie? How do the actors transform into those terrifying characters? Today, we want to dive into the making of those scary masks and prosthetic components of some iconic costumes, displaying how some of our products can be used to design your own prosthetics.

Go to the movies and you’ll see some really interesting characters, whether a scary movie or science fiction. There are plenty of haunts around each city, like haunted hayrides and houses. How do they transform these actors? Continue reading