Countertop Chip Repair – We’ve Got You Covered!

Chem-Set Chip Repair Kit Picture this: one day  you notice your beautiful, flowing granite countertops in your kitchen marred by an unsightly crack right next to the undermount sink. What a nightmare! Granite is much too expensive to replace for a hairline crack, but that crack could allow water or foodborne bacteria to seep into the countertop and do some major damage.

Fortunately for you, we at Chemical Concepts are no strangers to cracks and chips in granite countertops. We understand how frustrating and potentially dangerous it can be to let a crack or chip go unnoticed; that’s why we created the Chem-Set CCA800 Glue Chip Repair Kit for stone! Continue reading

Spring is Almost Here: Dry-Treat is Ready to Help!

Dry-Treat Stain-Proof Spring is in the air, and as the days get longer and the climate warms, trees and flowers are beginning to pop out of the ground showing us beautiful colors! This means we all need to spend more time outdoors.

Decks and patios need cleaning and sealing to bring out the beauty and enjoyment of your outdoor space. Chemical Concepts has the perfect product, Dry-Treat™ with their complete line of sealers and cleaners to ensure your outdoor space stays colorful for years. Continue reading

Carbon Fiberglass Rodding – Benefits and Uses

weha Steel Carbon Fiber Rodding Rodding for granite, marble and natural stone countertops is extremely important – strong rodding means less chance of countertop failure after prolonged use. Weha offers two different kinds of fiberglass rodding – whether you’re using granite, natural stone, engineered stone, quartz, or marble.

Why is carbon fiberglass rodding better than any other type of rodding? Carbon fiberglass rodding is the strongest rodding in the stone industry, without the concern of rust. Made with the highest concentration of fiberglass strands throughout the entire profile, the Weha carbon granite rodding, in itself, much stronger than traditional white fiberglass rodding for stone. Continue reading

LORD and Architectural Cladding

Since its inception, LORD has been dedicated to reconfiguring and reimagining everything about the adhesives industry. Today, the industry is booming and LORD is constantly designing and producing more and more adhesive breakthroughs in order to accelerate and improve their customers’ experiences.

LORD has patented a two-component adhesive, Signlok™ 810, which is designed for bonding metals such as aluminum, ACM, galvanized steel, and CRS with engineered plastics. This revolutionary adhesive delivers blazing fast cure speeds and exceedingly strong bonds with minimal bondline read-through.

Signlok™ 810 is ideal for bonding extremely thin substrates seamlessly, making it an ideal adhesive for architectural cladding and billboard adhesion. Its durable, non-sag application and environmentally-resistant qualities mean you’ll experience resilient, boundless quality for years to come. Continue reading

Anaerobic Threadlockers: What’s the Deal?

PACER ANL-22 Low-Strength Removable Threadlocker Some working environments in construction are hot, causing moisture that can rapidly cure adhesives, while others are cold, which tends to slow cure. Anaerobics are truly extraordinary because they work in the absence of air and in spaces where other adhesives cannot. Anaerobic simply means “without air” and contains a single component called a “monomer”, which is a molecule that can be bonded to identical molecules to form a “polymer”. Different applications can change the formulations slightly, but keeping the chemistry the same prevents corrosion, contaminants, leakage, and loosening nuts and bolts over time.

Anaerobic adhesives are single component adhesives designed to cure in the absence of air and in the presence of metal ions. These adhesives stay liquid until they are isolated from oxygen and in the presence of ions such as iron or steel. Anaerobic adhesives make excellent threadlockers, as the adhesive seeps down in between the threads of the bolt or screw and escapes the oxygen in the air, then reacts with the metal screw and begins to cure. Continue reading

Snowmobile Repair Kits: Everything You Need to Know

Despite the notion that spring might come early this year, winter is still going strong for the time being. It’s always smart to be prepared for a snowy situation – but what if your snowmobile needs some repair work? Count on Chemical Concepts to stock the complete snowmobile repair kit you need to get it fired up this winter. Continue reading

Chem-Set TrimGrip: Form a Bond!

In many aspects of the construction industry, bonding dissimilar substrates is common practice. However, many adhesives are ill-equipped to deal with differing rates of expansion and contraction, often leading to a shortened bond life or premature bond failure.

At Chemical Concepts, we’re always looking for new solutions to common problems. That’s why we’re excited to promote one of our problem-solver products, the Chem-Set TrimGrip Adhesive. This revolutionary adhesive will not only bond incredibly well to nearly any substrate, but will also bond dissimilar substrates with the same strength and elongation. Continue reading

Did you know? – Keep-Nut Precision Drilling Machine: The Finesse Behind the Hype

We’ve introduced our revolutionary Keep-Nut Anchoring System and due to the great response, I’m compelled to give what’s under the surface of this useful tool of the industry.

The accessories we carry are important, especially The Keep–Nut Precision Drilling Machine. It’s true value is in it’s many uses to create threaded seats on panels of granite, stone, glass, carbon and other composite materials.

To start, a hole must first be placed in the surface for the Keep-Nut to be anchored. The Keep-Nut Precision Drilling Machine makes cutting perfect holes in dense pieces of stone easy! It’s compact size and attached Alpha Air-680 polisher is the essence of the Keep-Nut Precision Drilling Machines’ power. The polisher shapes, grinds, bevels, contours and polishes natural and engineered stone, giving the look of finished professionalism to the surface. This revolutionary drilling machine is a time saver which is efficient and features drill bits that last longer. Continue reading

March Madness is Brewing: Finish Your Entertaining Space!

fastenmaster flex 40 hot melt glue sticks We’re all excited for the end of winter here at Chemical Concepts – March Madness is coming! One of the best parts of March Madness is gathering friends together to watch the game, so you need to make sure your entertainment space is ready for the party. Maybe you’ve been looking for an excuse to finish your basement, or replace the flooring in your family room. Now’s your chance!

We know what you’re thinking: What can Chemical Concepts do for my home renovation? Recent studies show that home improvements are on the rise this year, and we stock everything you need to make sure that your project will stand the test of time. Whether you’re only replacing flooring or completely finishing a basement, we have the adhesives and sealers to complete the job. Continue reading

Congratulations to LORD on $1 Billion in Sales!

lord logo Chemical Concepts has been one of LORD’s wholesale adhesive distributors for over 25 years, so we are extremely proud to announce their most recent milestone: $1 billion in sales! We are LORD’s largest distributor on the East coast, and we are humbled to have helped LORD achieve such a monumental goal.

About LORD

For over 90 years, LORD has collaborated with its customers to create the products that the industry so desperately needed. Providing innovative aerospace, oil and gas, defensive, automotive, and industrial solutions has been LORD’s ultimate claim to fame, but the company is also heavily involved in STEM education and other community engagement initiatives. Continue reading