Transportation and Specialty Vehicles

Adhesives and specialty products are integral to keeping trucks, busses and other specialty vehicles on the road. Whether it’s sealing cabs, bonding vital engine parts or improving aerodynamics, chemical products are pulling more than their weight to keep your fleet running.

At Chemical Concepts we have a wide range of products to meet any repair or fabrication need. Check out our line of specialty adhesives, sealant and custom packages curated to keep your vehicles in the best condition possible.
How Adhesives and Sealants Benefit Specialty and Commercial Vehicles

Manufacturing and Repairs – Adhesive products are used to bond all kinds of vehicle parts including cabs, door panels, interior plastic parts and windows and windscreens.
Weight Reduction – Rivets, screws and fasteners can really add a lot of weight to your vehicle. Plus bonding lighter weight material can be a challenge. That’s where adhesives come in. They form a continuous bond that is durable and heat resistant, so your vehicles can stay light and fuel efficient.
Durability – Adhesives have a lot of natural properties that benefit the construction of a commercial or specialty vehicle. They are highly durable, heat resistant and they can absorb the shock of long hauls on rough roads. Prevent costly repairs down the road with the right adhesive.

If you have any questions about how you can incorporate these products to fit your transportation needs, contact us today. We can give recommendations that will fit your specific need.

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