BoaBond Advanced Hybrid Adhesive – 10.2 Oz – White


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BoaBond is a next generation hybrid adhesive that offers instant grab and incredible strength that makes vertical mounting a breeze. With its ability to grab heavy materials quickly, BoaBond Advanced Hybrid Adhesive eliminates the need for secondary support for many applications. BoaBond stays permanently flexible, contains no solvents or isocyanates, and is suitable for interior and exterior jobs. Like its namesake, BoaBond grips tight and never lets go.

BoaBond Advanced Hybrid Adhesive uses innovative hybrid technology to develop immediate green strength to fixture substrates while the adhesive cures and provides a long-term, durable bond. BoaBond Advanced Hybrid Adhesive is 100% solids. It will not shrink and is free of isocyanates and solvents which make it easy and friendly to work with at a variety of temperatures. BoaBond Advanced Hybrid Adhesive will remain consistent to dispense and tool whether it is cold or hot outside unlike many solvent-based adhesives. It will bond to wet substrates and is able to be applied when water or moisture is present without washing off (vector-based adhesives) or outgassing and bubbling (polyurethanes). BoaBond Advanced Hybrid Adhesive has a very broad adhesion range and can be used for a variety of industrial or construction applications, making it an ideal multi-purpose solution for your needs!

Size: 10.2oz
Color: White

Comparable to: 
• Black Mamba
• Gorilla Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive
• Sika 476098
• Soudal T-Rex 


• Fast grab adhesive for easy vertical installation
• High strength, tough, heavy duty, durable bonds
• No solvents or Isocyanates; VOC compliant
• Bonds wet or damp materials
• Can be applied overhead with no sag
• 100% Solids, Will Not Shrink
• Offers Immediate Green Strength
• Adheres To A Wide Variety of Substrates
• Permanently Flexible; Allows for Vibration & Movement

Common Applications:
BoaBond Advanced Hybrid Adhesive is an excellent adhesive for many Commercial, Industrial and construction applications.

• Roof Bow Adhesive
• Trailer & RV Manufacturing
• Shower Panels & Installation
• Panel Assembly Adhesive
• Subfloor Adhesive
• Roofing Applications
• Landscape Block Applications
• Mirror Installations
• Countertop & Solid Surface Installation
• Wall Stone Applications
• HVAC Applications
• General Construction Applications
• Industrial Manufacturing Applications
CC recommends testing prior to use.

Common Bonding Substrates:
BoaBond Advanced Hybrid Adhesive can be used on a variety of substrates. Please inquire or test your substrates before use. We have listed some common substrates:

• Ceramics
• Fiberglass
• Glass
• Granite
• Marble
• Aluminum & Galvanized Metal
• Wood
• Stone
• EPS or Styrofoam Insulation
• Porcelain
• PVC & Other Plastics
• Porous Surfaces (Concrete, Brick, Etc.)
• Can be used for additional substrates not listed.
CC recommends testing prior to use.



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Weight 1.0000 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 2 × 2 in
Stud Collar Length

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