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Chemical Concepts has revolutionized the granite and solid surface countertop market for 20+ years. We have 45+ years of experience with adhesives, longer than anyone else in the fabrication industry. Our specializations and innovations include undermount sink anchoring system, seaming adhesive systems, customized overhang brackets, plus much much more.

Be sure to use our Integra Color Match Tool!

Check out all of our countertop fabrication products below. If you have any questions or a special application get in touch with us and we can point you in the right direction.

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Countertop Fabrication Products

Integra Seaming Adhesives
Stone Seam Knife-Grade Seaming Adhesive
Keep-Nut Sink and Panel Anchors
CounterBalance Overhang Brackets
Rodding & Substrate Adhesives
Silicone & Caulk
Sealers and Cleaners
Tape and Protection Film
Sink & Dishwasher Anchors
Templating Hot Melt
Chip Repair
Laminate Contact Adhesives

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