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The ultimate structural adhesive

Component Bonder is a dripless, quick drying, acrylic structural adhesive that bonds steel, aluminum, and fiberglass to all solid surfaces. Perfect for rodding and bonding clips.

Component Bonder is a two-part methacrylate, structural rodding and clip bonding adhesive designed for the structural bonding of sink clips, steel and fiberglass rodding materials, and steel and aluminum to solid surface (acrylic and polyester), engineered stone, quartz surfaces, and natural stone products. Combined at a ratio of 1:1, Component Bonder has a working time of 4 to 8 minutes and achieves nearly 90 percent of its ultimate strength in 10 to 15 minutes at room temperature curing. Component Bonder provides high strength bonds to acrylic solid surface, polyester solid surface (both filled and unfilled), and alloy solid surface (combinations of both acrylic and polyester solid surface resins) and the steel clips, rods, fiberglass and other materials. Component Bonder bonds very strongly to steel, stainless steel, and aluminum metals. Component Bonder is NOT UV STABLE, AND WILL YELLOW OVER TIME and must not be used to create imperceptible seams in countertops. However, this yellowing will not affect bond performance, but will affect bond appearance.

  • Can be used to attach many dissimilar materials to Solid Surface, Granite or Engineered Stone, such as Steel, Aluminum, and Fiberglass Composites, PVC, ABS, etc.
  • High shear, tensile, and impact strength allows for attaching bolts, sink fasteners, metal supports and stainless steel sinks. You have to try this to believe how strong and flexible it is.
  • Packaged in 400ml 1:1 adhesive cartridge that fit in standard 1:1 and 2:1 dispensers.
  • This is a great product for around the shop, with steel to steel bonds of approx. 3000PSI (Lap Shear strength) and the ability to attach dissimilar metals and plastics, its uses are unlimited.


Appearance Translucent / Amber
Viscosity 30,000-50,000 / 70,000-100,000
Density 0.96
Working Time 4-8 minutes (at 75°F / 24°C)
Fixture Time 10-15 minutes (at 75°F / 24°C)
Gap filling 0.250 inches
Shelf Life 1 year
Mixed Ratio 1/1 optimum
Operating Temperature 65°F-85°F (18-30°C)
Flashpoint 51°F
Tensile Strength
(ASTM D638)
Substrate Results Failure Type
Strength, psi Acrylic SS 2,500-3,000 Cohesive
Strength, psi Polyester SS 2,500-3,000 Substrate
Strength, psi Steel/Stainless Steel 2,800-3,500 Cohesive
Strength, psi Aluminim 2,000-2500 Cohesive

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Weight 1.4 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 4 × 9.00 in

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