SSP-1401-M Silicone Lubricant Gallon


SSP-1401 is a light-bodied, MIL-S-8660C compliant, QPL listed, moisture proofing, silicone compound for mechanical and electrical connections. SSP-1401is a silicone lubricating compound that meets the requirements of the MIL-S-8660C specification and is part of the U.S. government’s Qualified Products List (QPL). This light-bodied silicone compound is comparable to DC 4 electrical insulating compound from Dow Corning, and to G-624 dielectric silicone grease.
SSP-1401has an operating temperature range of -75°F to 400°F and an unworked penetration in the 200 to 260 range with a typical value of 230. This silicone lubricating compound is moisture proof and water repellent, electrically insulating, non-corrosive, and low in volatile chemicals.
SSP-1401 also has excellent stability and dispersion characteristics. SSP-1401 is used in applications that require conformance and certification to MIL-S-86660C requirements for non-melting, heat-stable silicone compounds. Moisture proofing, electrical insulation, and mechanical lubrication applications include electrical connections, ignition systems, electronics components, threaded connectors, and plastic and rubber parts

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