BOSTIK 940FS HYBRID is available to buy in increments of 1

High performance, Bostik® Marine 940 Fast Set is a rapidly, moisture-curing; fast-skinning; one-component; hybrid polymer adhesive/sealant based upon Silyl Modified Polymer (SMP).

Bostik Marine 940 FS is specifically formulated to withstand harsh marine environments. It possesses UV resistance (non-yellowing); is sandable and paintable. It exhibits superior adhesion to porous and nonporous surfaces in most applications without the use of a primer, a feature not typically found in a traditional adhesive/sealant.

Bostik Marine 940 FS does not in-gas and has outstanding high and low temperature resistance. It is solventless and isocyanate free resulting in a product that is both environmentally and user friendly.

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