CHEM-SET™ RTV7595 White


FAST CURE 1-PART INDUSTRIAL/CONSTRUCTION GRADE SILICONE SEALANT Sil-FlexFC (RTV 7595) is a one component, low modulus, neutral cure silicone sealant and adhesive. It is chemically formulated to increase production output due to its accelerated skin, tack and full cure times; ideal for fast prototyping, production assembly lines and quick jobsite installations. When fully cured, this unique VOC compliant formula offers UV stability and tenacious adhesion to most common construction substrates. This product is specifically formulated to offer all weather performance to meet today's Green Building Standards.

Features & Benefits
Fast Cure
Excellent Adhesion
Non - Corrosive
Low Odor
50% Movement Capability
Permanent Flexibility
Excellent Weatherability
Low Odor
VOC Compliant
Non Flammable
Construction & Industrial

Sealing Openings & Exterior Surfaces
HVAC/ R Plumbing
Kitchen & Bath
Sanitary Seals
Precast Concrete
Industrial Gaskets
Transportation Seals
Marine Cabins
Appliance Trim & Parts

Above Grade MEETS SPECIFICATIONS: ASTM C920 Type S, NS, Class 50, TT-S-00230C, TT-S-01543A, MIL-A-46106A, AAMA 808.3, 805.2, 803.3 (Type I), 802.3 (Type II); UL Recognized Component.

AVAILABLE COLORS: Clear, White, Black, Aluminum (custom colors available upon request)

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