DEVCON® Flexane ® Fast Cure Liquid [4-1] - 400ml

DEVCON® Flexane ® Fast Cure Liquid [4-1] - 400ml is available to buy in increments of 4

Low-viscosity, fast-curing urethane liquid that repairs control/expansion joints in metal or concrete, and can also be used as an easy-to-apply belt splicing/edging filler material.

• 8-minute working time
• No-mess dispensing with fast, easy, 400ml reusable cartridges
• Automatic mix nozzle thoroughly mixes the two components (Nozzle tip can be trimmed to regulate the flow for precise application and material savings)
• Tack-free in just 30 minutes

Intended uses
Repair worn or damaged rubber equipment; form protective linings in equipment subject to wear, impact, abrasion, vibration, expansion, and contraction.

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