Pacer ANL-90 Penetrant-Wicking, High Strength Green (10-25 cP)


Pacer ANL-90 Penetrant-Wicking, High Strength Green (10-25 cP)

HIGH STRENGTH: Penetrating permanent, for locking/sealing pre assembled fasteners. Also used to seal weld and casting porosity. Disassembly difficult. Meets MIL-A-46050C Type III, Grade R. 10/Case FG06162

Pacer ANL Series Threadlockers are formulated for use in anaerobic threadlocking, sealing, joining and fastening of metal components.

STORAGE AND SHELF LIFE: For optimum results, store below 770 F (250 C) in original containers. Stored under these conditions, a one-year shelf life can be expected. 

APPLICATION AND CURE CHARACTERISTICS: When using threadlocking compounds on standard bolt/nut configurations, make sure mating threads are clean and dry. Apply adhesive to 3-5 male threads, allowing adhesive to fill threads completely around the fastener. Assemble fastener and tighten within a few minutes for best results. For fasteners being inserted into a blind hole, apply two or three drops of threadlocking compound to the inside of the blind hole, then apply several drops to the male threads as above, and assemble. Install fastener into the female threads a few turns, then back completely out and reinsert completely. This moves the compound further into the blind hole and prevents trapped air behind the threads from preventing the compound from filling the threads during assembly. 

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