Permabond LM012

Permabond LM012

Permabond® LM012 is an unfilled, medium viscosity anaerobic adhesive. Its major benefit as related to other pipe sealants is that it is an unfilled resin that is compatible with hydraulic fluids. If the adhesive is accidentally spilled into the hydraulic system, e.g., squeezed out of the joint, it will be dispersed in the fluid. It contains no particles that can clog or foul hydraulic screens and valves. Thus it is used in very sensitive high pressure hydraulic systems. MIL-S-22473 Grade HVV Each lot of LM012 is tested to the lot requirements of these specifications. ASTM D5363 AN 0163 Group 01 Class 6 Grade 3 Each lot of LM012 is tested to the general requirements defined in paragraphs 5.1.1 and 5.1.2 and the detail requirements defined in section 5.2

    ♦ Full cure seal to the burst rating of pipe
    ♦ Easy to use and apply
    ♦ Directional freedom
    ♦ Does not contain solvents
    ♦ Excellent chemical and temperature resistance
    ♦ Cures at room temperature
    ♦ Ideal for sealing hydraulic systems

Physical Properties of Uncured Adhesive

Chemical Composition

Methacrylate esters



Viscosity @25̊C

2,000 mPa.s (cP)

Specific Gravity


Particle Size


UV Fluorescence


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