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Creative Materials 102-32G1 High Temperature Conductive Silicone Adhesive

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102-32G1 is a flexible electrically conductive silicone adhesive.  102-32G1 features the highest degree of thermal and mechanical reliability over any other conductive adhesive technology and provides no failures during thermal cycling, heat aging, shocking or vibration due to the reliability from the elasticity of the product. Some applications for 102-32G1 include, but are not limited to, elastomeric conductive bridging and bonding, conductive bonding of low surface energy materials, conductive via filling and electrical attachments for stress sensitive devices.  102-32G1 is one of the few conductive adhesives that can bond to silicone substrates and surfaces.  In addition, it can be bonded to some types of Teflon® surfaces.  102-32G1 features better conductivity than 102-32 when cured at lower temperatures. 

 Viscosity (#CP-51, 10/s, cps)                              25,000 – 35,000 
 Thixotropic Index (1/10)                                                    3
  Filler                                                                              Silver
  Percent Silver (cured)                                                   > 84 
 Percent Solids                                                              84 – 89 
 Crease Resistance                                                     Excellent 
 Volume Resistance (â"žÂ¦-cm, 80°C cure, MAX)              0.0001 
 Volume Resistance (Ω-cm, 140°C cure, MAX)            0.00008 
Thermal Conductivity (W/m-K)                                       12.7 
Solderable                                                                After plating                                             
Useful Temperature Range (°C)                               -70 to +260 
Thermal Stability (°C)                                               Good to +325
Size:    Syringe Dispenser One Part

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