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E-Brackets are easy to use and are perfect for mounting stainless and composite sinks under thin material, porcelains, quartz or anytime sink clearance is at a minimum. E-Brackets is easy to install and requires no drilling, slotting or adhesives. E-Brackets hang securely over the top of the cabinet and are adjustable to accommodate different sink sizes in a cabinet.


  • Requires no drilling, slotting, or adhesives
  • Hang over cabinet divider for strength
  • Adjustable to accommodate any situation
  • Bracket stabilizer supports screw; limits “wandering” 


Installation Instructions: The E-Bracket works with stainless or composite sinks.


  1. Insert the tab of support piece into the raised slot of the hanger piece.​
  2. Partially thread the 1/4-20×2″ Phillips adjuster screw into the hole support tab.​
  3. Place the plastic cap over the threads of the 14-20×2″ screw.


  1. Place the assembled E-Bracket over the top of the cabinet divider wall.
  2. Position the E-Bracket in locations so that it will push against the sink wall and rim when tightening.​
    1. The typical sink will require 4 E-Brackets, 2 on each side.
    2.     Note* combo sinks may require an LC-Bracket (Purchased separately) on the back side to support the center of sink.​
  3. Rest sink onto the E-Brackets.​
  4. Install counter tops.
  5. Place a bead of silicone on rim of sink, then position and clamp into place by normal means.
  6. Tighten the adjuster screw until snug.
    1. *Note: Do not over tighten adjuster screw, only tighten until pressure is applied to the sink.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in

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