Chem-Set™ Pro Fast Epoxy 250ml Cartridge


Pro Fast is a rapid cure general purpose epoxy adhesive used to bond wood, metal, fiberglass, ceramics, natural stone, glass and many hard plastics. It forms a water-resistant bond and is tough enough to be drilled, taped, filed or sanded after final cure.

Pro Fast is available in a single cartridge dispening system and includes 1 nozzle per cartridge.

  • Contains no volatile solvents and does not shrink upon curing
  • Superior and incredible flexibility gives high peel strength and impact resistance for both industrial and general repairs
  • Fast curing
  • Will not Drip, Sag or Run
Properties Results Method
Form Two-Part Paste
Mixed Color Translucent
Work Life
75°F (24°C)
8 Minutes
Handling Time
75°F (24°C)
30 Minutes
Lap Shear Tensile 1,700 psi ASTM D638
Compressive Strength 12,000 psi ASTM D695
60 ASTM D2240
Shrinkage <1% ASTM D2566
Dielectric Strength 300 volts/mil ASTM D149
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