Surebonder Pro-450 400 Watt Gun


This heavy duty glue gun is designed for high-volume applications. Delivers approximately 10 pounds of melted glue per hour, with 400 watts of heating power. Cartridge heaters. Adjustable thermostat temperature control for high temperature (400º F) and low temperature (220º F) bonding. Lighted On/Off switch. Double insulated ground cord. Integrated gun balancer mount hole. Stroke adjustment screw for equal amounts of glue per squeeze. Interchangeable accessory nozzles available. USES 5/8” (.625”) diameter glue sticks. Includes heavy duty plastic storage case.

Adjustable Temp: 220°F - 400°F
Watts: 400 W
Glue Stick Diameter: 5/8", .625", (15mm)
Weight: 1 .75 lbs
Glue Output: 10 lbs/hr

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