H2O Slip Grip Underwater Treads - 2" x 24"


The Chemical Concepts H2O Slip Grip Underwater Treads are for use on vinyl, fiberglass, concrete, and gunite pools as well as vinyl and fiberglass pool steps. These underwater applied non-slip treads bolster safety and provide a non-slip footing in especially slick areas. With the use of the H2O Aquabonder Glue (available individually or in Starter Kits) you can even apply these underwater therefore there is no need to drain your pool!

H2O Glue Slip Grip Profile

  • 23.875” in length, 2” wide, 0.065” thick 
  • Slip resistant fiberglass make-up
  • Comes in Black and Yellow but other colors are available upon request 
  • Fiberglass strips are coated in a fine grit texture

Installation Process:

  1. Cut the Slip Grip strips to your desired length using a hack saw or similar tool (32 teeth per inch blades work best). Lightly sand the cut edge. 
  2. Clean the pool surface with a scrub pad to remove any algae or other residue. 
  3. Apply H2O Aquabonder adhesive to the backside of the strip; follow Aquabonder application instructions. Position Slip Grip in place. If performed underwater, remove excess adhesive by simply wiping away with a cloth. Otherwise you can remove excess adhesive with alcohol or acetone. For optimal results, place weights like bricks on slip grip treads for 10 minutes or so to ensure a strong hold.
  4. Remove the weights or bricks and enjoy a much safer pool or spa!
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