H2O Glue®

This is a hazardous material, shipping restrictions and surcharges may apply.

H20 Glue®
Underwater Adhesive for Repairing Pipes, Skimmers & Main Drains bonds many substrates including ABS, fiberglass & PVC.
Professional two-part adhesive and sealant used to repair and seal pools, fountains, spa’s, sprinklers, health spa’s and therapy centers. Use this product if you maintain an aquatic center, golf course, arboretum, water park, water slide or irrigation systems. 

H2O Glue® is packaged in easily applied dual cartridge system. Available manual or pneumatic dispensing guns. Cartridges and static mixers are designed to work together as an integrated high performance system.

There are hundreds of uses for H2O Glue®.

50 ml Cartridge

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