H2O Aquabonder Underwater Adhesive®, 50ml Cartridge

This is a hazardous material, shipping restrictions and surcharges may apply.

H2O Underwater Glue is a toughened structural adhesive used to bond to ABC Plastic, Fiberglass and PVC. The H2O Glue is perfect for repairing pipes, skimmers and main drains.

Bonds To: PVC, Fiberglass, ABS, FRT, PBT, PPO, PCBB, Metton®, Lomod®, Valox®, Noryl®, GTX, Minlon®, epoxy, RIM urethane,wood, poorly prepared surfaces, and where outdoor weathering or solvent exposure is anticipated

Product Features:

  • Minimal surface preparation 

  • Room temperature cure 

  • 1:1mix ratio 

  • Rapid fixture in thin set 

  • Non-sagging formula.

Uncured Phyical Properties:

Color Off-White/Straw
Working Time 4-6 min. @ 72°F, 22°C
Fixture Time 10-15 min.@72°F, 22°C
Functional Cure 45-60 min.@72°F, 22°C
Full Cure 24 hours
Flashpoint 51°F
Mix Ratio by Weight/Volume 1:1
Mixed Density 8.20lbs./gal. / .98gm/cc
Mixed Viscosity 50,000 cps

Cured Physical Properties (7 Days @ 72°F):

AdhesiveTensile Lap Shear[ABS] 1,300 psi
AdhesiveTensile Lap Shear[GBS] 3,500 psi
AdhesiveTensile Lap Shear[Polycarb] 1,400 psi
Gap Fill 0.125 in.
Impact Resistance 22 ft.lb./in^2
Service Temperature -67°F to 250°F
Shore Hardness 78 Shore D
Solids by Volume 100
Specific Volume 28.1 in^3/lb
Tensile Elongation % 15-25%
Tpeel 35-40 psi
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