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H2O Glue Aquabonder Underwater Adhesive – 50ml Cartridge



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H2O AquaBonder underwater glue is a toughened structural adhesive used to bond to ABC plastic, fiberglass, and PVC. Our H2O glue is perfect for repairing pipes, skimmers, and main drains.

Bonds To: PVC, Fiberglass, ABS, FRT, PBT, PPO, PCBB, Metton®, Lomod®, Valox®, Noryl®, GTX, Minlon®, epoxy, RIM urethane, wood, poorly prepared surfaces, and where outdoor weathering or solvent exposure is anticipated.

Product Features:

  • Minimal surface preparation
  • Room temperature cure 
  • 1:1 mix ratio 
  • Rapid fixture in thin set 
  • Non-sagging formula
Application Instructions:
  1. Apply mixed product directly to one surface in an even film or as a bead.
  2. Assemble with mating part within recommended working time.
  3. Apply firm pressure between mating parts to minimize any gap and ensure good contact, (a small fillet of product should flow out the edges to display adequate gap.)
  4. Bond line thickness of mixed adhesive should be at .015″-.030″ for optimum adhesion.
Uncured Phyical Properties:

Color Off-White/Straw
Working Time 4-6 min. @ 72°F, 22°C
Fixture Time 10-15 min.@72°F, 22°C
Functional Cure 45-60 min.@72°F, 22°C
Full Cure 24 hours
Flashpoint 51°F
Mix Ratio by Weight/Volume 1:1
Mixed Density 8.20lbs./gal. / .98gm/cc
Mixed Viscosity 50,000 cps
Cured Physical Properties (7 Days @ 72°F):
AdhesiveTensile Lap Shear[ABS] 1,300 psi
AdhesiveTensile Lap Shear[GBS] 3,500 psi
AdhesiveTensile Lap Shear[Polycarb] 1,400 psi
Gap Fill 0.125 in.
Impact Resistance 22 ft.lb./in^2
Service Temperature -67°F to 250°F
Shore Hardness 78 Shore D
Solids by Volume 100
Specific Volume 28.1 in^3/lb
Tensile Elongation % 15-25%
Tpeel 35-40 psi




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Dimensions 1 × 2 × 5.00 in

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