Weld-On/SCIGRIP #66


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This product is discontinued. Please contact us for alternatives. 

Weld-On/SCIGRIP 66 is a clear, light bodied, fast drying solvent cement. It is used as a contact cement, providing instant, high strength which will increase as solvent dissipates. The longer the open time (5 to 10 min) and with sufficient assembly pressure, the greater the immediate strength will be. Weld-on/SCIGRIP 66 may also be used on surfaces that are wet to wet or wet to dry; but its special advantage is its high initial strength on contact. Whatever the bonding technique used, it will provide high strength, long lasting, water resistant bonds under normal use, but some yellowing may be expected.

Bonding Recommendations

Weld-On/SCIGRIP 66 is recommended for fabricating or repairing flexible vinyl in numerous applications: pond liners, shower pans, pool liners, moisture barriers, waterbeds, upholstery and wearing apparel. SCIGRIP 66 also bonds urethane and canvas to themselves and to wood, cardboard, Kydex®, cellulose acetate butyrate and ABS.

Substrate Recommendations

Weld-on/SCIGRIP® 66 is formulated for bonding flexible or rigid vinyl (PVC) to itself or to urethane, canvas, ABS, foamed PVC, butyrate and wood.

Weld-On is a product of Scigrip.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in



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