Shinetsu KE3497 flowable medium viscosity conformal coating.

Shinetsu KE3497

Shin-Etsu KE 3497 RTV silicone is a high strength silicone developed for coating/sealant applications in the aerospace and electronics industries.
Utilizing a patented crosslinking system, KE 3497 offers a fast-curing alternative to other electronic grade silicone coatings. In addition, rigorous processing of the base polymer for KE 3497 ensures minimal volatilization of low molecular weight silicone constituents after cure and subsequent expose to high temperatures.
KE 3497 meets the requirements of MIL-A 46146A Type 2 or MIL-A-46146 B Grade 1, Class.
It is low viscosity makes KE 3497 an ideal conformal coating where flow coating is the preferred application method.
KE 3497 coating is available either translucent or white and will cure to a tough, flexible silicone elastomer upon exposure to atmospheric moisture at room temperature. 
KE 3497 should exhibit excellent adhesion to many substrates, including glass, wood, ceramics, clean metals, other silicone elastomers and plastics like ABS and PVC

Key Properties

•        One-component product
•        Self-leveling
•        Patented crosslinking system
•        Non-corrosive
•        Low odor
•        Translucent or white
•        UL 94HB rated

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