Orange-Sol Spot Remover Citrus Solvent

Orange-Sol Spot Remover Citrus Solvent
Organic, biodegradable, environmentally friendly, non-toxic cleaner for low residue cleaning and degreasing on electronics and electrical cleaning. Excellent water-dilutable, non-flammable replacement for chlorinated solvents and other harsh ink removers. In addition this clear formula will also clean asphalt, chewing gum, cosmetic stains, grease, oil, soap scum and tar. SAFE ON THESE SURFACES: All Water-Tolerant Surfaces (Non-Fabric) All Rollers** Brass Brick/Block Ceramics Concrete Fiberglass Glass Metal Most Washable Fabrics* Ni-Clad Screen Fabric Porcelain Sealed/Coated Wood* Silk Screen Fabric(s) Some Plastics* Stainless Steel Vinyl-Coated Wallpaper* DO NOT USE ON: Some Fabric (Color, Colorfast and Silk) Non Water-Safe Surfaces Painted Surfaces Rubber (Butyl, EPDM, Natural) Styrene
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