Permabond HM165 Anaerobic Retainer

Permabond HM165

Permabond HM165 is a high viscosity anaerobic retaining compound that cures when confined between metal parts to form a tough bond. It is best suited for cylindrical parts and where high temperature resistance is required. The high viscosity and thixotropic effect of the material allows for larger tolerances.

Features & Benefits:

  • Very high strength 
  • Easy to apply 
  • Improved fatigue life 
  • Excellent chemical resistance 
  • High temperature resistance
Physical Properties of Uncured Adhesive:
Chemical Composition Acrylic
Appearance Green
Viscosity @ 25°C 2 rpm: 25,000 mPa.s (cP)
20 rpm: 10,000 mPa.s (cP)
Specific Gravity 1.1
UV flourescence Yes

Typical Curing Properties:
Maximum Gap Fill 0.3 mm (0.01 in)
Handling Strength (M10 Steel) @ 23°C 15-20 minutes
Working Strength (M10 Steel) @ 23°C 3-6 hours
Full Strength (M10 Steel) @ 23°C 24 hours

Typical Performance of Cured Adhesive:
Torque Strength (M10 steel plated ISO10964) Break 35 N-m (310
Prevail 50 N-m (450
Shear Strength (steel collar & pin ISO10123) 20 MPa (2900 psi)
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 90 x 10^-6 mm/mm/°C
Dielectric Strength 11 kV/mm
Thermal Conductivity 0.19 W/(m.K)
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