Permabond MS359 Clear


Permabond MS Polymers are single component, hybrid technology adhesives that moisture cure at ambient temperature. The high elongation and flexible nature of these strong bonds meet the demands of stress from impact, peel and expansion that can occur when bonding dissimilar materials. They have excellent environmental resistance and remain very flexible.

PERMABOND® MS359 CLEAR is a single-part, room temperature curing MS polymer adhesive. It is ideal for use on a wide variety of substrate materials including metals, glass and composites. It is ideal for exterior construction applications as it has excellent resistance to weathering, is non-yellowing and produces a discreet, aesthetically pleasing bond.

Features & Benefits
Free from solvents, isocyanates, silicones and PVC compounds, non-corrosive
Cures at room temperature
No mixing required
Crystal clear
Can be painted after curing
Suitable for a variety of substrates
Primer free
Easy to apply
Versatile – weather resistant


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