tesa® ACXplus 7054 High Transparency Tape 20 mil, Clear


- tesa® ACXplus 7054 is a transparent acrylic core tape. 
- Due to the high transparency, it is especially suitable for constructive/permanent bonding of transparent materials such as glass or acrylic. 
- The visco-elastic, solid acrylic core compensates different thermal elongation of bonded parts. 
- The product provides a high immediate tack and peel adhesion. 

Main Applications
- Bonding of transparent and translucent materials in the following Industries:
- Sign Manufacturing
- Deco Glass Panels
- Partition Walls

Technical Properties:

Backing material

solid acrylic



Total thickness

500 µm

Type of adhesive

pure acrylic

Elongation at break

1000 %



Adhesion Properties:

Adhesion to Aluminium (after 3 days)

19 N/cm

Adhesion to Glass (after 3 days)

17 N/cm

Adhesion to PMMA (after 3 days)

12 N/cm

Adhesion to Steel (after 3 days)

19 N/cm

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