Conap/Cytec Conathane CE-1164 Polyurethane Conformal Coating

Cytec Conap CE-1164
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Conap CE-1164 is a single component, air drying, room temperature curing, polyurethane conformal coating which meets the requirements of MIL-I-46058-C for Type UR coatings and appears on the Qualified Products List (QPL). CE-1164 is a solvent-based coating designed for thin-film applications on electronic components and printed circuitry. It was developed specifically to provide the ultimate in humidity resistance and hydrolytic stability, while retaining excellent flexibility to prevent fracturing of fragile components during thermal cycling.

Cured films maintain excellent adhesion to phenolic and epoxy-glass laminates even in adverse environmental conditions. A tracer dye has been incorporated to aid inspection under ultraviolet light. CE-1164 is a high-performance conformal coating specifically designed as an electrical insulating coating for printed circuitry and components.


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