LORD 7650

LORD 7650
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LORD® 7555 adhesive/sealant is an equal-mix, twocomponent bright white urethane adhesive/sealant system used to bond and seal a variety of plastics and prepared metals.

Features and Benefits 

Easy to use– provides high initial tack and green strength.

Durable – provides good impact resistance.

Versatile –bonds a wide variety of substrates

Environmentally Resistant – provides good resistance to water and chemicals

Convenient– requires no mixing; provides working time of 15-30 minutes; requires no ovens or other heat sources for curing.


Surface Preparation –Surfaces should be free of grease, dirt and other contaminants. For plastics, clean the surface with a dry rag wipe or a rag dampened with solvent. For metals, prime or grit blast the surface, then solvent wash for optimum bond performance.

When bonding cured rubber, allow LORD 7701 adhesion enhancer/surface modifi er to fl ash off before applying LORD 7650 adhesive.

Applying –Apply LORD 7650 adhesive by roll coat, spray, brush or fl ow coat methods. Unlike contact adhesive, applying the adhesive to one side of the substrate is suffi cient.

Curing – Handling strength is achieved after a 15-30 minute solvent fl ash. Complete cure will take 1-5 days depending on substrate being bonded and relative humidity.

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