QSIL 216 - Clear Silicone Encapsulant


QSil 216 is a two-part, transparent and colorless, liquid silicone which will cure at room or elevated temperature. It has a low viscosity, which allows for ease of flow around complex parts, providing electrical insulation and shock resistance.

Packaging Mix Ratio Weight
Half Gallon Pail Kit 4.4 lbs. 10:1
5 Gallon Pail Kit 44 lbs. 10:1
55 Gallon Drum Kit 440 lbs. 10:1


  • Convenient 10:1 mixing ratio for use in automatic dispensing equipment or hand mixing
  • Contains no solvents
  • Non-yellowing catalyst system
  • Chemical composition provides hydrolytic stability and reversion resistance


Chemistry Type Addition Cure
Durometer 40, Shore A
Tensile Strength 750 psi
Refractive Index 1.406
Elongation 100%
Viscosity 3,700 cps
Mix Ratio 10:1
Dielectric Strength 500 V/mil
Gel Time 4 hours
Color Transparent
Thermal Conductivity 0.18 W/m-K
Specific Gravity 1.02
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