SES22230-45 Tough Skin

Shinetsu select skin RTV elastomer series for applications requiring a skin like material and tough property. 10:1 ratio, transparent, two component, heat cured and addition - cure type silicone rubber compound featuring low hardness, high tear strength, low viscosity, high elongation and low tackiness. It's particularly suitable for use in prosthetics due to an  ability to insulate longer by distributing peak socket pressures. When used in liners, the materials are suitable for protection from shear forces to reduce compressive stresses and the suspension of the prosthetic device. The materials can also be used to accommodate unique limb shapes and volume fluctuations. Being translucent, Select-Skin can be readily pigmented for a customized appearance. The series’ fast cure time at room temperature reduces cycle time and improves productivity. Additionally, the material has an extended pot-life of up to 160 minutes. Applications: Special Effect masks Liners for orthopedic prosthetics Cushioning and animatronic skins for theme parks Prosthetic Devices
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