Sikalevel Primer 01 Gallon- Concrete Primer and Sealer


Sika® Level-01 Primer is a one part, white acrylic resin polymer water based dispersion, used to prime and seal concrete or mortar substrates prior to underlayment mortar application.

 Sika® -Level-01 Primer is used for sealing of mineral substrates and enhancing the bond of cementitious underlayments, industrial grade screeds and mortars
 Suitable for priming anhydrite screed substrates
 Particularly suitable for using prior to the Sika® Level range of underlayments
 Ideally suited for use with the SikaDecor® mineral decorative screed system.

Characteristics / Advantages
 Effectively seals concrete surfaces in a single, economic operation, preventing water loss into the substrate, bubbles forming in the screed and for improving the bond between the substrate and the mortar
 Excellent bond strengths throughout the range of application temperatures
 Quick drying and fast film formation
 Easy to apply
 Can be used at different dilution rates dependent on the substrate porosity CASE OF 4/$205.72

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