Stay Put Quick Grip LVOC Clear 27 lb Cannister


STA’-PUT® Quick Grip Building Envelope Adhesive is a solvent-based, industrial grade aerosolized adhesive specifically formulated to adhere protection courses, drainage composites, insulation, air and vapor barrier membranes, waterproofing membranes, and thru-wall flashings to a variety of substrates.

Quick Grip exhibits very long open time, quick dry time, and aggressive grab tack, and is effective as a pressure sensitive adhesive. Quick Grip contains no chlorinated solvents and is an excellent alternative to methylene chloride-based products.


  • Low VOC 
  • Aggressive Grab Tack
  • Quick Dry Time 
  • No Clean-up or Maintenance 
  • Very Long Working Time 
  • Can be used as a Primer or an Adhesive 
  • Excellent adhesion to many substrates 


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