Tesa® 62934 Double Sided PE Foam Tape Black


62934 Black is a double-sided PE-foam tape for constructive mounting applications. It consists of a highly conformable PE-foam backing and a tackified acrylic adhesive.

Product benefits:
Versatile adhesive for high immediate adhesion on numerous substrates
High ultimate adhesion level for a secure bonding performance UV, water and age resistant
Compensates for differing thermal expansion of dissimilar materials
High immediate bonding strength even at low bonding pressure
Very good cold shock absorption
Decorative aluminium cover screens on brown goods
Doorhandles in kitchen furniture
Moulded plastic parts
Mirrors and coloured glass panels

Technical Properties: 

   Backing Material:   PE Foam

    Color: Black/White

    Total Thickness: 800um

    Type of Adhesive: Tackified Acrylic

   Elongation at Break: 250%

    Tensile Strength:  8N/cm

     Temperature Resistance:  80°C

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