KEEP-NUT™ Trial Kits


This kit includes all the one-time-purchase accessories you would need to get you up and running with the Keep-nut anchoring system for natural and engineer stone plus enough anchors to do one sink. The Keep-nut fastener can be used for undermount sinks, wall panels, facades, and furniture. Application involves drilling a shallow cylindrical hole and inserting the anchors using a rubber mallet. This anchoring system is especially suited for automated shops where all the holes can be plotted on CNC equipment. Once the holes are drilled, the fastener is installed in seconds saving time and labor. Some of the advantages include: • Compatible with thin materials including 2 cm (down to ⅜” depending on variety used) • Shallow hole depth (<¼”) means less drilling in granite, less wear on bits, and less time on equipment • Quick and easy installation • Incredible strength (up to 562 lbs per fastener) • Works in natural stone, “honeycomb” composite stone, quartz, solid surface, glass and a wide variety of high hardness materials. • Inserts sit flush for easy transport of material Contains • 8 - Keep Nut 2S x 1/4" • 8 - Allen Posts 1/4" -20 x 1-1/4" • 8 - Sink Clips • 8 - 1/4"-20 wing nuts • 8 - Star-washers • 11.8mm (recommend size) ½ GAS CNC Drill Bit or 11.4mm 5/8"-11 Non-Coring Drill Bit • Go-No/Go Gauge (Hole Tester) • Setting Tool

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