Permabond LH050 Pure

Permabond LH050 Pure

PERMABOND LH050 Pipe Sealant with PTFE® is an excellent general purpose pipe sealant that provides instant seal up to 1000 psi with limited hand tightening. After cure, the sealing capability is typically up to the burst rating of the pipe itself. The low locking strength allows easy disassembly. PERMABOND LH050 Pipe Sealant performs well on most metals and particularly well on steel and brass. PERMABOND LH050 Pipe Sealant with PTFE provides an excellent replacement for pipe dopes and pipe tapes


    -Lower Cost Per Application
    -Full Cure Seal to the Burst Rating of Pipe 
    -Easy to Use & Apply 
    -Directional Freedom 
    -Low Shrinkage During Cure 
    -Uncured Material Fully Dissolves in Water
    -Environmentally Friendly 
    -Allows for Adjustment Up to 10 Hours Post Assembly
    -Superior Resistance to a Wide Range of Chemicals
    -Will Not Tear, Shred, or Gall Fittings 
    -High Temperature Resistance 
    -Full Cure at Room Temperature

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