ARALDITE ® 2053-15 15 Minute Acrylic Adhesive – 500 ml Cartridge

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ARALDITE 2053 adhesive ensures durable, reliable bonding for most common substrates even in the harshest conditions.  The resulting bond resists aging and fatigue, with an elongation rate of more than 50% and a high resistance to hot and wet environments.  By distributing stress uniformly over bonded areas, ARALDITE 2053 adhesive helps maintain physical integrity while enabling lightweight design.  With an optimal open time, and virtually no need for pre-treatment, you can achieve faster production cycles and increased throughput.  Thiis all-in-one solution can also help you simplify your inventory and processes, including worker training. 


  • Excellent resistance to hot and wet conditions
  • Excellent resistance to weathering and environmental aging
  • Excecellent resistance to hot/cold cycles
  • Exceptional High elongation / stretch / flexability for a structural adhesive
  • Sets / Dries / Cures completley underwater, high moisture and high humidity
  • Resistant to sustained temperatures up to 100c /212f
  • Resistant to temperature spikes up to 200c / 440f
  • Making it compatible with e-coating and powder coating processes
  • Excellent bond to a wide range of plastics, composites and metals
  • Minimal surface cleaning, prep, pretreatment needed
  • Max sustained Temp 212f
  • Max Temp spikes/ 450f
  • Min Operating Temp 40f/-40c
  • Excellent aging and weathering resistance
  • Thixotropic Gel, Non-Sagging, Non-Dripping, Non-Running
Formula-Specific Features         2053-5      2053-15
Set Time (Work Life)       5 Minutes    15 Minutes
 Handling Strength (10%)      20 Minutes    40 Minutes
 Min Temp for  Set/Cure      -4F / -20C    -4F / -20C
 Max Temp Sustained     212F / 100C    212F / 100C
 Max Temp Spikes     400F / 200C    400F / 200C

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