Sikalevel 315 Rapid Self Leveling Underlayment 50 lb Bag


Sika Level-315 F is a one part, polymer modified, fibre reinforced, pumpable, self levelling, fast drying cementitious underlayment for the levelling and smoothing of interior floors, including wooden subfloors, prior to the application of the final floor finish.

Sika Level-315 F can be applied manually or by pump to level floors at a thickness of between 3 - 15mm, prior to subsequent finishing with ceramic or stone tiles, linoleum, PVC sheet, wood flooring or carpets, etc.

 Suitable for rolling chair traffic (on the floor finish above)
 Suitable for use with underfloor heating systems Sika Level-315 F is compatible with the SikaBond and other Sika adhesives used to lay these types of floor finishes.

 Self levelling and very good air release
 Fast application because of the good flow and cohesion of the fresh product
 Easy to place by pump or hand pouring
 Capable of levelling surface differences from 3mm up to 15mm (15mm - 30mm with added graded aggregates)
 Low shrinkage. Good bond and compaction
 Maintains good workability and ‘wet edge’ (joint healing) throughout its pot life
 Fast setting and drying  3 hours walk on time (+20°C)  Uniform surface appearance and hardness
 Casein and Formaldehyde free
 Very low emissions - EC1 Classification
 Low dust formation during mixing


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