Chem-Set™ 033 Gel


Chem-Set 033 Gel is a clear, tough, moderately cross-linked silicone elastomer, which has good room temperature cure adhesion to many substrates. Silicone gels are used to provide protection from vibration and thermal or mechanical shock. Silicone gels also provide excellent moisture protection. Chem-Set potting and encapsulating products provide a protective barrier against moisture and environmental contaminants. Compared to the ChemSet 412 this encapsulating silicone is self-healing and repairable.

• Coating
• Encapsulating
• Potting

Additional Information:
• Color: Transparent • UV resistant • Moisture protection • Excellent dielectric strength • Self-healing and repairable
• Provides protection from vibration and thermal/mechanical shock • Room temperature cure
• Can be accelerated by mild heat
• Operating temperature -55C to 204C (-67F to 400F) • Self leveling • Offered in side x side cartridges 50MLs to1500MLs • Easy 1:1 ratio

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