Chem-Set™ VST 3025 High Bond Tape, 10 mil, Clear

Chem-Set™ VST 3025 is a Clear very thin double-sided, high-performance acrylic-based adhesive tape, which is mainly used because if its technical, economical and aesthetic advantages. This tape replaces and eliminates the use of mechanical fasteners and is used in a wide variety of applications, particularly in the electronics and assembly industries, where durability, precision, invisibility, and withstanding process heat and other harsh environmental conditions are important.

This thin tape is designed to adhere to various surfaces, such as ABS, polycarbonates, rigid PVC, phenolic resins, glass, epoxy, aluminum, galvanized steel, enameled steel, stainless steel, nickel and ceramic. The thin adhesive film allows a good adhesive performance on a variety of molded parts. This AFT has excellent UV, aging, solvent and high temperature resistance (150°C to 260°C). This series is, in many situations, virtually invisible and allows the usage of light weight, thin and small materials in many shapes and sizes. Therefore, it is widely used in various die-cut shapes, irregular and curved surfaces and in a diversity of electronic assembly bonding applications, such as digital cameras, portable audio devices, cell phones, display attachment, process control systems, decorative bezel and television screen attachments, and lens and antenna attachment. For difficult to bond surfaces, as used in today’s electronic assembly industry and for situations where the bond needs to be invisible, we recommend Chem-Set ™ VST 3025.

General Information:

Has a closed cell structure which is wind and water resistant. Because it is 100% acrylic based, it will form an almost indestructible bond between materials. This tape is resistant to UV, aging, and solvents, with good plasticizer resistance. This tape bonds immediately and offers resistance to the peel and shear loads that can affect a bond. This tape is very well suited to absorb dynamic loads as they are viscoelastic and can act as a sealant, form a permanent, tension free bond, and are suitable to bond many different types of synthetic materials.


Adhesive High Performance Acrylic
Adhesive Carrier Conformable Closed Cell Acrylic Foam
Description Thin, Transparent
Coating Clear 40 (liner side) Clear 40 (open side)
Thickness, inch (mm) 0.010 (.25)
Tolerance, inch (mm) ± 0.004 (0,1)
Density, lb/ft3 (kg/m3) 52 (840)
Tape Color Transparent
Liner Red PE film (paper liner is optional)

Tape Characteristics

Peel Adhesion, lb/in (N/100mm)

(ASTM D 3330)

15 (260)

Normal Tensile, lb/in2 (kPa)

(ASTM 897)

109 (750)
Dynamic Shear, lb/in2 (kPa 20min) 81 (560)

Overlap, lb/in2 (kPa 24h.)

(ASTM 1002)

87 (600)

Static Shear, lb/in2 (kPa)

(ASTM 3654)

77 (530)
Solvent Resistance Excellent
UV Resistance Excellent
Temperature Resistance, Long Term, F° (°C)  212 (100)
Temperature Resistance, Long Term, F° (°C) 320 (160)
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