Permabond LH051

Permabond LH051

Permabond® LH051 Pipe Sealant with PTFE is specifically designed for those applications that require a good “bottoming-out” of pipe, fitting or plug. The added lubricity helps in seating the part even with an interference fit/ As such, it is used in heavy duty machinery e.g. compressors, hydraulics and construction equipment. When used on soft brass parts, the lubricity may be too high at times, thereby causing deformation of the part upon assembly. LH051 is also made flowable so that it can easily be applied with dispensing equipment. The particle size of the filler is very low, so that it can be used on most hydraulic systems without clogging hydraulic screens or valves. Permabond LH051 Pipe Sealant with PTFE provides an excellent replacement for pipe dopes and pipe tapes.


    -Easy to use and apply
    -Directional freedom
    -Does not contain solvents
    -Excellent chemical and temperature resistance
    -Cures at room temperature
    -Will not shred, tear or cause blockages

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