Chem-Set™ UV Chip Repair Kit


ChemSet™ UV Stone Repair Kit - 10ml Consumer Kit ChemSet's UV Stone Repair Kit is used when a fast permanent repair is needed to fix scratches, chips, gouges, holes, cracks and nicks on natural and engineered stone. Fast repairs can be completed in less than three minutes, the manufacturer reports.

No More Discoloration/Blooming Issues! This easy-to-use UV Kit uses a UV light to cure the adhesive. Without the use of an activator spray as a curing agent you will never have issues with blooming again. Great for your lighter colored stones and marbles.

The 10ml Consumer Kit Includes:
1-10ml Bottle UV386
4- Cure sheets
2- Polish packs
1- LED keychain light
2- Straight edge razors

Private labeling available

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