Permabond LH050

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Permabond LH050

Permabond® LH050 pipe sealant with PTFE is a general purpose pipe sealant that provides instant air pressure seal up to 1000 psi with limited hand tightening. After cure, the sealing capability is typically up to the burst rating of the pipe itself. The low locking strength allows easy disassembly.

Permabond® LH050 pipe sealant performs well on most metals, particularly steel and brass. It provides an excellent alternative to pipe dopes and pipe tapes for sealing pipe joints.

It cures anaerobically when in contact with metal parts (as in a threaded pipe joint). When applied, LH050 dispenses as a smooth paste, filling the entire space between the threaded parts. It then cures at ambient temperature to form a solid plastic, completely sealing against hydraulic fluids, air, gases and chemicals. In addition, it locks the pipes, plugs or fittings against vibration loosening, tampering and variable temperature effects.

UL Classification:
Permabond LH050 is classified by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. ® for use in devices handling gasoline, petroleum oils, and natural gas (pressure not over 300 psig) not exceeding 2 in. pipe size; propane and butane not exceeding 1 in. pipe size. 66G9.

Permabond LH050 is classified by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. ® for use in sprinkler system and water spray system piping not exceeding 2 in. pipe size containing air, nitrogen, water, propylene glycol or glycerol antifreeze solutions.

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