Chem-Set TrimGrip Adhesive

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Chem-Set TrimGrip (formerly known as TrimBonder parts 74401, 74301, and 74201) is an adhesive bonding system that permanently bonds Azek trimboards, metals, synthetic wood, and PVC. Recognized as one of the best PVC trim mounting adhesives available, the TrimGrip offers features unmatched in the industry. These include the ease of sanding, curing in just 30 minutes, and more!

**Over the past few weeks, we here at Chemical Concepts have received many inquiries from customers who have not been able to find the Bond&Fill® STRUCTURAL™ adhesive they have been using for years. We soon discovered that Bond&Fill has been discontinued. Luckily Trimgrip™ is a fantastic alternative that is in stock and available for immediate shipment.

** TrimGrip Work Uses:
Fill Gaps Use TrimGrip™ adhesive to fill the gaps left between edge of house and trim board. By filling the gap you will achieve a seamless look.
Fill Nail Holes Fill nail holes simply and quickly with TrimGrip™ adhesive, available in a convenient 250ml cartridge.
Fill the hole with adhesive, wipe away any excess for a clean, smooth surface.
Window/Door Trim Bond trim board around windows or doors for a custom look on your house.

The first impression is a lasting one. Make a statement and increase your curb appeal. Fascia Trim Boards Bond and fill all CPVC trim boards (such as AZEK®, Koma®, Fypon®, etc). Fill Joints Fill in joints that are created when trim boards meet.

Millwork Uses:
Laminating -TrimGrip™ adhesive can be used in a simple process in taking 4 x 18 sheets of CPVC board and laminate to create larger dimensional thicknesses, allowing millwork shops to then cut multiple parts quickly, easily and economically.
Pergolas - Pergolas are great to add to any house to help diffuse light. The intricate workmanship and detail millwork brings increased value to any home.
Columns - Bond column wraps together using TrimGrip™ adhesive for the "no nail hole look" or laminate pieces of CPVC together to millwork a custom column to fit your desired style.
Cupolas - Cupolas are a great addition to any house, an added feature that can be customized to any design idea. These made of CPVC are low maintenance, perfect for venting or non-venting options.
Railings - Custom deck railing systems can be achieved, even curved railings when using TrimGrip™ adhesive.
Trellis - Decorative lattice work can be assembled with a "no nail hole look" by using TrimGrip™ adhesive to create a nail free smooth lattice for the trellis.
Bead Board - For a finished porch, use TrimGrip™ adhesive to bond CPVC bead board along the ceiling. Add the finishing touches to the ceiling list by creating a medallion. Works both outdoors in the porch entrance and inside in the living room.
Doors - Bonding gate doors for the entrance or opening to a garden by using TrimGrip™ adhesive to fill gaps and laminating boards together. Also, millwork custom garage doors.
Outdoor Furniture - Bonding gate doors for the entrance or opening to a garden by using TrimGrip™ adhesive to fill gaps and laminating boards together. Also, millwork custom garage doors.
Pediments & Others - Custom designed window dressings can transform your home from ordinary to extraordinary by simply adding these enhancements. To achieve this look laminate boards together for thicker dimensions using TrimGrip™ Adhesive.
Mailboxes - Use TrimGrip™ Adhesive to customize mailboxes with a planter box or newspaper slot.

Don’t have a gripe, get a grip: TrimGrip.

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