Chem-Set TrimGrip Cellular PVC Trim Adhesive

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ChemSet TrimGrip is a rapid curing, two-component adhesive formulated and colored for Cellular PVC Trim Board applications with a work life of 5-8 minutes at 72º F after mixing. Once cured, ChemSet TrimGrip provides excellent adhesion and bond strength. ChemSet TrimGrip is a creamy, medium viscosity, solvent-free adhesive that will reach handling strength in 18-20 minutes at 72º F.

ChemSet TrimGrip does not require any special surface preparation and will cure to be stronger than the PVC Trim itself. Once cured the adhesive will provide a nice consistency for a smooth look with excellent expansion and contraction capabilities.


  • Laminate Cellular PVC Trimboard for thicker stock
  • Fill nail holes
  • Fill gaps
  • Fill joints
  • Bonding corner boards
  • Sealant/filler for door/window assembly
  • Bonding columns/column wraps


  • 250ml Cartridge fits into any standard caulk gun
  • Easy to Use
  • White color
  • Easily sanded
  • Paintable
  • UV Stable (will not yellow)
  • Waterproof
  • Can apply as thin coating to fill porous surfaces
  • 5-8 minute working time
  • Cures in 30 minutes

Physical Properties:

Color White
Flash Point 51° F
Working Time 5 - 8 min. @ 72° F
Tack Free Time 18 - 20 min. @ 72° F
Functional Cure 2 hrs. @ 72° F
Full Cure 24 hrs.
Mix Ratio by Volume 1:1
Mixed Density 8.8 lbs./gal
Mixed Viscosity 30,000 cps
Service Temperature -40°F - 160°F
Cured Properties:

% Solids by Volume 100
Adhesive Tensile Shear (AL/AL) 2,354 psi
Adhesive Tensile Shear (CPVC) 586 psi (substrate failure)
Adhesive Tensile Shear (PVC) 1,300 psi (substrate failure)
Coverage per Cartridge 1,243 in. (104 ft.) @ 1/8" bead
Gap Fill 0.375 in.
Impact Resistance 20 ft. lb/in.
Shore Hardness 75 Shore D
Tensile Elongation 5-15%
Tpeel 15-20 pli
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