TAH 160-824 Static Mixing Nozzle (7700904)

Part Mixing Elements Element Diameter (inch) Housing Length (inch) Outside Diameter (inch) Outlet Tip Orifice (inch) Housing Outlet Pressure Limit (Psi@75°F)
160-824 (7700904) 24 0.366 9.15 .510 .12 Stepped 300

The Nordson TAH 160-824 (7700904) is a 24 element, 0.366" diameter, 9.15" length static mixing nozzle. This mixer has a stepped tip giving users the ability to cut the nozzle end to adjust bead dispensing size. The nozzle on the Series 160 Spiral Bell Mixer is designed with a "bell" inlet. The inlet fits Nordson EFD valve manifolds and large volume cartridges that separately port the A and B materials directly into the mixer.


  • Works with Standard Cartridges
  • Bell Connector
  • 24 Mixing Elements
  • Stepped Tip
  • New Part Number 7700904
  • Elements: Acetal
  • Housing: Polypropylene
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