Keep-Nut By Special Insert-1/4-20 Thread

Keep-Nut by Specialinsert is a revolutionary press-in anchor insert commonly used for a number of applications including undermount sink installation, ventilated facades, cladding and furniture.These small inserts are designed to install into a wide range of surfaces including Granite, Marble, Quartz, Solid Surface, HPL, Glass, Fiber Cement and other compact materials. 
The inserts small size also lends itself to be installed into extremely thin surfaces while also being extremely strong. In addition the Keep-Nut is manufactured in stainless steel and it’s made of a threaded bush with a set of elastic crowns and a plastic ring for holding the complete set of parts together.
Testing Data:

Material Keep-Nut Type Average Pull-Out Load on a Single Insert (lbs)
Granite 20mm IM4S/P1-4.20/H8.5 1080
Marble 20mm IM4S/P1-4.20/H8.5 849
Travertine 20mm IM4S/P1-4.20/H8.5 496
Fiber Cement (high density) 12mm IM4S/P1-4.20/H8.5 606
Fiber Cement (high density) 10mm IM4S/P1-4.20/H8.5 527
Fiber Cement (high density) 8mm IM2S/P1-4.20/H6 277
HPL 12mm IM4S/P1-4.20/H8.5 1194
HPL 10mm IM4S/P1-4.20/H8.5 1348
HPL 8mm IM2S/P1-4.20/H6 596
Corian 12mm IM4S/P1-4.20/H8.5 1068
Corian 10mm IM2S/P1-4.20/H6 650
Engineered Stone 15mm IM4S/P1-4.20/H8.5 672
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